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Black-owned, women-led multicultural marketing agency.

Why did we 2 Black women dare to start a new business in a cultural and global pandemic? Because we were tired of hearing that marketers were looking for strong multicultural agencies and could not find them. We were tired of not seeing women launch and lead in the advertising and marketing industries. So, we decided to change it.

Pop’N Creative was born out of a deep desire to see brands win in marketing to a multicultural world. Gone are the days of marketing to “mainstream”, meaning predominantly white.

Black-owned business owners matter. Black women matter. Multicultural audiences matter. Period.

Meet the Team

Pop'N Creative comprises a team of experts in marketing with over 25+ years of combined experience at major entertainment brands including HBO Max, Freeform, TNT, TBS, OWN, Twitter, Amazon Studios, FX networks, Microsoft, Sony Pictures TV, and more.

We also have expertise in working with influential partners, including Tyler Perry Studios, Essence, Steve Harvey Worldwide Group, Def Jam Music Group and other major brands.

Last, but certainly not least, we have a long list of celebrity and social influencers at our fingertips ready to help our clients win!


Jessica Lane

Co-Founder & Head of Digital Content + Marketing

She, Her // English, AAVE

Obsessed with the intersection of pop culture, marketing and technology, Jessica masterfully uses these as platforms to build strong brands. Her experiences span the media industry from TBS & TNT, to Microsoft to TV One. She excels in translating risk-taking ideas into content and marketing strategies that drive results.

Lori Hall

Co-Founder & Head of Creative

She, Her // English, AAVE, a touch of Spanish

With more than 15 years of marketing expertise, Lori has driven major successes in her career. She launched Tyler Perry’s comedies on TBS, developed marketing campaigns that led to the top 3 movies of all time on TV One, created the first viral video campaign for UP TV, which garnered 43 million views.

Shawna Gooding

Vice President, Research Strategy & Insights

She, Her // English, AAVE

Expert media researcher, with over 15 years of experience, Shawna promotes the value of African American consumers by creating compelling, fact-based business cases using primary and secondary research. Shawna has helped networks strategize future growth; develop market and brand positioning; and build Nielsen ratings.

Laurie James

Senior Account Manager

She, Her // English

Event production and account management powerhouse with proven accomplishments driving experiential events and strategies for the corporate and non-profit sectors. Passionate about brand development, increasing visibility, and ushering bottom-line results, she has managed campaigns for some of the biggest players in retail, entertainment, tech, and media. Investing in real estate since the age of 21, she enjoys staying abreast of all the latest industry trends and news. In her free time, she immerses herself in interior design, architecture, and travel.

Vanessa Mujica

Account Director

She, Her // Spanish, English

Masterful creative producer and social media guru, Vanessa has over 10 years of experience producing and managing content for major brands, including Twitter, TNT, TBS, Amazon Studios, FX Networks and more. As a skilled account director, Vanessa brings life to clients’ social content and helps their brand become buzz-worthy.

Natalie Kılıç

Account Manager

She, Her // Spanish, English, a touch of Turkish and a sprinkle of French

Project management specialist, Natalie is a graduate from The University of Alabama’s award-winning public relations program, Natalie spent her first few years post-grad living and working in Europe, acquiring international experience key to her desire to work with multicultural audiences. She has worked with several brands and projects spanning the entertainment industry, with a focus in music and a passion for language.

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