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Tag: competition

Seeing Campaign Fails, Ad Pros Launch a Multicultural Agency to Help Brands Do Better

Coming from the entertainment marketing industry, Jessica Lane and Lori Hall, the co-founders of Atlanta-based agency Pop’N Creative, have seen some pretty tone-deaf brand campaign pitches.

In the last decade, the two have worked in-house at Turner, overseeing marketing campaigns for TNT and TBS. Before teaming up for their own agency, they led campaigns for TV One, a cable network that primarily targets Black audiences.

Working for brands, the two recalled insensitive agency pitches that have ranged from key art for a talk show hosted by a Mexican American personality with mariachi bands, sombreros and garden hedges—all reinforcing stereotypical depictions of Mexican Americans—and key art for a candy brand centered on nooses, disregarding the history of nooses and Black people in America.

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