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Month: July 2020

Pop’N Creative Offers Free Response and Action Guides to Address and Dismantle Racism

Entertainment executives Lori J. Hall (former SVP, Marketing, TV One) and Jessica D. Lane Alexander (former Head of Digital & Social Content, TV One) announce the official launch of Pop’N Creative, a multicultural agency focused on digital and social content creation, and experience design. A marketing collective, Pop’N Creative was born as a result of the founders’ exposure to tone deaf pitches and witnessing brands fail miserably with diverse consumers throughout the years. With a collective 25+ years of experience, Hall and Lane Alexander’s primary mission is to help brands authentically connect with highly-coveted multicultural audiences.

“We’ve seen too many brands offend Black consumers in their marketing, creative and social conversations, and we know they can do better,” said Lori Hall, Pop’N Creative Co-Founder and Head of Creative.

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How Brands Can Authenticate Their Activism

Last week on the Promax Daily Brief podcast, Civic Entertainment Group Chief Culture Officer Linda Ong joined to talk about how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

This week, Ong is joined by Lori Hall, whose creative agency, Atlanta-based Pop’N Creative, has created a brand action guide to dismantling racism. Together, Ong and Hall discuss the many actions brands can take to create a more just, diverse and inclusive world—both externally among their consumers and internally among their own teams. Some of this conversation is based on an article that Ong wrote for Advertising Week 360, called Ally, Advocate, Activist: Which Are You?

But there’s a lot going on in this convo, so here are some links to the things that were discussed…

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