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The Challenge
TBS recognized their AA viewership needed improvement, but they wanted an authentic approach and strategy to recruit more of this audience segment. They also wanted to demonstrate a long-term commitment to AA audiences.

The Approach
Pop’N analyzed the research and ratings for their programs that over-indexed with the AA audience. From this data, we identified two key insights:
1) Movies were their top AA programs
2) They watched these movies overwhelmingly on the weekends.

Using these findings, Pop’N developed their AA recruitment strategy: create a programming block, targeted specifically to AA audiences, and leverage it to promote other offerings and sponsors across TBS, which was their top-performing network with AA viewers. 

Pop’N created  “Friday Night Vibes,” a movie-driven programming block that exclusively featured the blockbuster hits their AA audience loved. 

Further, we recommended they enhance this programming block to bring a full party to your living room, adding a celebrity host, DJ and rotating celeb guests. As we built out the campaign, we created a custom on-air and social graphics package, launch spot with a culture-forward tone and copy and an influencer campaign to tap into the larger AA audience not yet represented on the network.

The Results
The Friday Night Vibes programming block and campaign enabled the network to strengthen its credibility with AA viewers. It also served as a launching pad for upcoming diverse original programming across Warner Media and offered an advertising platform that reaches this highly coveted audience on TBS.





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