L.A.’s Finest Stars Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba On Rooting Out Racism In Hollywood

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Imagine walking on set and being the only Black, Latino or woman in the room. Imagine flipping through a script and finding only a stereotype of a person that looks like you.

For Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba, stars and executive producers of L.A.’s FINEST, they remember these moments vividly. Micro and macro aggressions to insinuate they’re not good enough, they don’t deserve to be here and they should be lucky for this moment.

Moderated by theGrio’s Entertainment Director Cortney Wills, Gabrielle and Jessica, along with Arisha Hatch, Vice President of Color of Change, Executive Producers Brandon Sonnier, Brandon Margolis, Anton Cropper and Pam Veasey, came together for a virtual roundtable produced by Pop’N Creative to speak out on the moments of racism they’ve faced throughout their prominent careers in Hollywood.

Created in partnership with the theGrio and Color of Change, the virtual roundtable delivered more than 217,000 video views across all social platforms.




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