Pop’N Creative Brand Action Guide to Dismantling Racism

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Racism in America is an extremely nuanced, multi-layered, systemic issue. Dismantling it will take extreme dedication and accountability. In the wake of George Floyd and other Black citizens being unjustly killed by current or former police, the world erupted into powerful protests demanding change. Black Lives Matter is more than a slogan, it’s a movement, and companies had to speak up.


As companies began to publicly proclaim “Black Lives Matter”, it was clear that many companies, while their intent was right, they still got it wrong. Attacking racism is uncomfortable. But to create change, companies and leaders have to be honest, willing to do the work and open to resistance and assistance.


Will your Black employees still be overlooked for leadership roles?
Will supplier diversity be more than corporate lip service?
How will brands signal real and lasting change in workplace equity?


The Brand Action Guide was developed to help brands create a thoughtful and meaningful plan of action to help dismantle racism internally and externally.





Dismantling Racism ✊?

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