Pop’N Co-founders to Speak at Promax 2020

Co-founders Jessica Lane and Lori Hall have been invited to share Pop’N’s Brand Action Guide to Dismantling Racism at this year’s Promax Virtual Conference for the entertainment industry.

Promax Session Title:

You Posted Black Lives Matter. You Even Celebrated Juneteenth. And?? What’s ?? Next ?? ?!

Promax Session Description:
Your company said, Black Lives Matter. Great. But what happens after the social media post? This is even more critical than speaking up. Attacking racism is uncomfortable.

But to create change, we have to be honest, willing to do the work and open to resistance and assistance. Racism in America is an extremely nuanced and multi-layered issue. In this session, we will explore directional guides to help brands craft a response that is authentic and supportive of the traumatic events happening in our country right now.

Find out what companies got it right – and wrong – and get guidance to help brands create a thoughtful and meaningful plan of action to help dismantle racism internally and externally.

To hear more from Jessica Lane, Lori Hall, Jemele Hill, Don Lemon and all of the other amazing speakers and sessions planned for you, tune into the Promax Virtual Experience July 7, 8, 9 at a computer near you.