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Month: June 2020

Seeing Campaign Fails, Ad Pros Launch a Multicultural Agency to Help Brands Do Better

Coming from the entertainment marketing industry, Jessica Lane and Lori Hall, the co-founders of Atlanta-based agency Pop’N Creative, have seen some pretty tone-deaf brand campaign pitches.

In the last decade, the two have worked in-house at Turner, overseeing marketing campaigns for TNT and TBS. Before teaming up for their own agency, they led campaigns for TV One, a cable network that primarily targets Black audiences.

Working for brands, the two recalled insensitive agency pitches that have ranged from key art for a talk show hosted by a Mexican American personality with mariachi bands, sombreros and garden hedges—all reinforcing stereotypical depictions of Mexican Americans—and key art for a candy brand centered on nooses, disregarding the history of nooses and Black people in America.

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Pop’N Co-founders to Speak at Promax 2020

You Posted Black Lives Matter. You Even Celebrated Juneteenth. And?? What’s ?? Next ?? ?!
Your company said, Black Lives Matter. Great. But what happens after the social media post? This is even more critical than speaking up. Attacking racism is uncomfortable. But to create change…

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“Show your Black consumers you value their lives, not just the dollars they spend.” An international pandemic collided with the back-to-back killings of several unarmed Black Americans at the hands of the police. As a result, America and its most beloved brands couldn’t shy away from the bold displays of racism, the passionate protests and the […]

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