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After 5 seasons of Ricky Smiley For Real (RSFR), we launched a companion digital series, ‘Cooking Up Comedy’, where Rickey Smiley prepares a new recipe weekly to create a fresh experience for fans of the show. The goal was to launch a series that would drive video views across social platforms and help increase linear viewership during a Thanksgiving marathon on TV One.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Rickey Smiley served as the host guiding viewers through the item being cooked as he has on past seasons of RSFR
  • Recipes are delicious yet doable. For production value, we selected foods with high color contrast like desserts, collard greens and drippy, gooey cheese
  • Each video is posted on digital and social after the linear premiere and on-air graphic elements during the episode drove viewers to a custom vanity URL to view

‘Cooking Up Comedy’ premiered in October 2018 and delivered more than 1M video views across, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. It also ran as one-minute interstitials during a special on-air Thanksgiving stunt, which help drive the highest delivery since the season 5 premiere.




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